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Why This Website Is Different

You may wonder at the different slogan up in the green box.  It is a very important piece of advice that can save you huge amounts of time, money and aggravation.  In many ways, that slogan is at the heart of this website.

As you well know, there's a million answers out there to help you lose weight.  As you may also know, many, many of them are expensive and they range from useless to dangerous.

I hate being ripped off and it really frosts my fanny when someone takes my money and their crap product threatens my health. 

For example, I bought a product from Joe Weider--a supposedly trustworthy name.  The product was a powder called 'Sugar Free Big'. 

I was using it as a breakfast powder because I'm not usually hungry in the morning but I have to take my diabetes pills so, I need something in my stomach.

So, I'm using this Joe Weider 'Sugar Free Big' and thinking everything is okay.  But then, because my eyesight is starting to get fuzzy (a sign of out of control diabetes), I wonder what's up.  I can't figure it out because nothing else in my diet is different....except the 'Sugar Free Big'. 

You would think that "sugar free" means sugar free.  It doesn't.  'Sugar Free Big' was loaded with sugar---by another name.  Hence, the reason for my eyesight going.

By the way,  the Joe Weider company never responded to my letters in which I suggested they change their dangerous labeling because there just could be another diabetic out there using their "sugar free" products.   Hmm...what does that mean to you? 

(This is mind-blowing!  The state of New Mexico considers Sugar Free Big food stamp eligible.  http://www.state.nm.us/tax/pubs/nontax.pdf

What is one of the biggest problems that poor people have?  Out of control diabetes and Sugar Free Big is loaded with sugar!)

Now, think of how mad it makes you to get ripped off and have your health threatened at the same time.  (If you're a cigarette smoker, leave the guilt somewhere else and think of something different.)

Now, I have a question for you: What's worse than someone else hurting your health while stealing from you? 

How about when we do it to  ourselves?  (Again smokers, tell the guilt monkey to take an effing hike.  I want you to hear this message without feeling bad.)

We're getting close to the heart of why this website is different and how it really can help you to make permanent, positive changes in your body shape and weight.

Abraham Lincoln once said: "If you give me 6 hours to cut down a tree I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

There are two purposes to this website:

(1) To share real life-changing information that is not full of bullshit and hype, affiliate links, pop-up ads and other annoying stuff that make a website unpleasant and mostly useless to visit.

(2) To quietly, without hustling, share with you products I have created that can really help if you need them. 

Regarding the first reason for this website:  It really does give you information that works.  This information is based on 22 years of helping people and an immense amount of study.  And you don't have to buy another thing.  (Please note that I will be updating this website fairly frequently so please drop in to see if there is something new for you.)

This information will help you to really 'sharpen your saw' so that this time you get the job done--you get to a healthy body shape and weight.

This information is presented in 2 ways: (1) Information that helps.  (2) Stuff to stay the hell away from because it's useless and/or dangerous. 

You may notice I'm a bit opinionated but please let me tell you why.  I have been a diabetes/hypnosis specialist for many years now.  You would not believe how many people approach me with the latest 'miracle cure' for diabetes (and everything else).

At first I would get excited and think: "Wow, this is it!  I can be free!"  And it wouldn't work.  Then, I would try something else.  And something else.  And yet one more thing.

Finally, after God knows how many offers of the latest and greatest, I would ask one simple question: "Where is the medical documentation?" 

This would stop a lot of these miracle pushers because all they had were anecdotes.  I.E., unsubstantiated testimonials. 

But I also realized something else that was very, very hard to bear.  I was ripping myself off financially and emotionally because I was falling for the  Basic Law of Advertising: Appeal to a consumer's laziness, greed and/or lust and your product will sell....to many people.

I was stealing from myself because I was falling for the idea that there was something quick and simple that would 'cure me'. 

So, this website is different because: (a) It is written by someone who cares (more than you know) about you instead of your wallet  and (b) It is not lying to you. 

By the way, this brings me to the second purpose of this website.  I'm not going to B.S. you and tell you that selling my self-help products means nothing to me.  It means a lot.  My products are created with love and care and by gosh, I'm proud of them.

Are they the answer to all your problems?  No way.  Can they help?  Quite possibly.  They've helped a lot of people.  That's why I recommend them.

There are 3 ultimate points I'd like to communicate:

(1) This information in this website can help you get to your ideal body shape and weight without you having to spend another dime.

(2) Please accept the idea that true, permanent weight loss requires commitment to some work that a diet pill or diet program or diet patch cannot do for you.

(3) Never give up.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I'll do my best to help.

Warmest Regards,

Devin Hastings

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