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What Is Making Me Sabotage Myself?

By C. Devin Hastings, Hypnotist


First of all let's get one thing clear: You were NOT born with an uncontrollable, inner terrorist just waiting to shred your self-esteem when you're not looking. 

You may have learned very poor ways of communicating with yourself but, there is no deep, out-of-your-control force in you that hates you.  Trust me.  I used to loathe myself and it really felt as if it were someone or something else in me that hated me.  The truth is far different. 

If nothing else, please just pretend the above is true while reading this and other articles on this website.  If you're still in doubt about the truth of the above statement, call me.  Just be prepared to change the way you see yourself.

Now, before we talk about forces that sabotage our efforts, let's cover something basic but very necessary:  Eliminating overeating and how hypnosis helps to accomplish that.

Eliminating the simple habit of overeating can also be understood as simply changing your unconscious mind's focus. In trance you are literally getting your mind to easily focus on what you want more than a can of sweet soda or a donut.  (Please read that last sentence again.  Slowly.  It's worth it.  It can change your mind today--now if you take a moment to reflect on it.)

For example, being able to fit into clothes that have been hanging in your closet or perhaps feeling better in a bathing suit truly has a stronger emotional 'pull' than other choices.

Here's the bottom line to how hypnosis can help you to lose weight by simple habit elimination: It helps you to easily reduce your desire for those foods that are not serving your happiness and it helps to increase your desire for those foods and activities that enhance your happiness.

Changing Inner Emotional Dynamics

That Cause Overeating and Under-activity

But for many people who are overweight, there is more to overeating than meets the eye. Oftentimes in my practice I have helped overweight clients who were experiencing one or more of the following emotions on a fairly chronic basis:


--Pain (Emotional and physical)

--Loneliness (Often within a relationship)

--Resentment (A Life Force thief)

--Depression (Quicksand for motivation)

Let me ask you something: Do you think that any diet in the world is going to help a person get rid of the above painful feelings? Not very likely. Yet, billions are spent every year on fad diet pills, products and programs that will fail because they do not address the cause of obesity---a painful inner environment that must be avoided at all costs.

And you know what's worse? All those people carrying the weight of all their inner pain add to their pain levels by feeling, and I quote from clients: "stupid", "no-good" and "silly" because they spent money and time on stuff that failed (which it was doomed to do anyway).

By the time these people show up in my office they typically feel so terrible about who and what they are and so often I hear the heartbreaking refrain: "Devin, I feel like such a failure."

At this point there is a lot of inner healing that needs to take place before a person should even begin to think about losing weight. And no, I'm not suggesting that you be a jolly fat person by not having any problems with your weight because 'you accept yourself.' Not at all. However, beating yourself up every day will not give you the emotional energy you need to make those changes you want. So, there has to be a reasonable middle ground somewhere.

Please be aware that the above named emotions are far more powerful than the emotion of wanting to look good in a bathing suit or whatever else may accompany the real desire to be thin and healthy. This is why so many people can initially lose weight only to gain it back---their inner emotional state ultimately prevails over their will power.

Now, if the preceding has not rung a bell inside of you, then you are very likely a good candidate for a very real, quick hypnosis miracle that happens for some of those seeking easy weight loss.

If however, you identified at all with the previous discussion then I strongly suggest you stop taking Meridia (only change medications with your doctor's approval!) and stop buying anything else that is likely to add to your credit card debt and guilt levels when it doesn't work.

And, face the truth that no pill or diet is going to help. Stop wasting your time, money and emotional energy on yet another 'cure' for your heaviness.

I have so many clients who are literally afraid to hope that hypnosis can help because they can't take the disappointment of yet another failure. However, once they begin to see that their weight gain issues can be solved (just not with a pill or diet), then they begin to really feel better and, at that point they have more emotional energy to make the small changes that make a big difference.

Now, this brings us to an important question: What can you do without spending tons of time and money with a psychiatrist? Plenty.

Above all else remember this: You are learning how to become a better friend to yourself. That is your most important priority. And yes, it can seem near impossible if you are significantly experiencing the previously mentioned 5 emotional causes (stress, pain, loneliness, resentment and/or depression).

Why is becoming a better friend to yourself so important? Well, if you were to walk around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week listening to someone very close to you who criticized, belittled, discouraged and disliked or hated you, would you actually become all you could be? Would you have the energy? The desire? I doubt it.

By now you may be wondering why you should even bother reading any further. (That is, if you identify with the above in that you realize that being with yourself is hell because of the constant inner criticism or discouragement).

Hang on please. Listen, I used to be homeless. That was many, many years ago and all I knew was that I was worthless and I loathed myself. Yet, somehow I hung on. That's all I'm asking of you. Please just hang on and keep reading and perhaps you will see, in your heart, a real light at the end of your tunnel.

Believe me, it's worth hanging on. Becoming a better friend to yourself is worth the price you get to pay. And by the way, please do not imagine for a moment that I think I'm perfect and that I'm telling you that hypnosis can make you perfect too. Heck, I've still got a long ways to go.

My message is this: 'Progress, Not Perfection'. And you know what? My inner environment today is so much more pleasant than it used to be. That's what I want to offer to you in this article.

Now, I'm sure that some of you reading this may not be experiencing the dire emotional straits endemic to many overweight persons. Please hang in also because we'll be getting to techniques and methods you can use to make changes.

In the next part we're going to cover how you can use the power of your mind to begin overcoming the real blocks to losing weight and keeping it off.

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