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What Is Hypnosis?

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  What Is Hypnosis?

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Doesn't hypnosis make you bark like a duck or something like that? How can quacking like a dog help me to lose weight?

Those may seem like funny questions but, in truth they are very close to the perception that many people have of hypnosis.

It is sad actually because for all those people who are afraid of hypnosis, what they really have to fear is far more real and painful.

The first thing they can fear is being stuck with the health destroying, soul-searing, life-crushing consequences of their harmful mind-heart habits. 

On top of that, solid medical documentation shows that people who receive hypnosis for medical problems suffer far less pain (if any) and they heal better and faster than those who do NOT have hypnosis to help them.

So, what is hypnosis?  It is an innate part of being human.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  As such, hypnosis or trance is a state of mind in which you accomplish one or more of the following 3 Life Altering Events:

(1) You create a belief or beliefs. 

(2) You modify/change an existing belief(s).

(3) You delete a belief or entire belief system that no longer serves you.

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful state of communication between your mind, your body and your psyche.

You are utterly, totally in control. 

The problem is that if a person is not fully aware of their control then another can utilize that ignorance to their manipulative advantage.

What this means is that hypnosis can NOT be used 'against' you unless you allow it.

Remember, hypnosis is only your ability to convince yourself of a belief.  It is not a supernatural occurrence.  Can you remember the last time someone tried to make you believe what they believed but, because you disagreed with them, nothing could change your mind? 

So, no matter how skilled hypnotist the hypnotist is and no matter how hard he/she tries, if you disagree with whatever suggestion or belief they are trying to force down your throat, they utterly lose unless you somehow say "yes".   It's all about free will.

Bottom Line: You are safer having knowledge about how to use the incredible power of your mind.  And, you are more likely to change your life for the better if you allow yourself to be trained in the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a deep and awesome power of your mind.  Learn to use it to make your life better.  The alternative is not pleasant.

For more information about hypnosis, please click here on the following: Learn More About Hypnosis.

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