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"Words DO Carry Weight!"

Real Weight Loss Answers-Beyond Pills & Diets

Real, long term weight loss cannot ever be found in a diet,  diet pill or diet patch. 

The best weight loss program out there cannot do for you what is most needed: Deep Motivation.  Real motivation, not rah-rah stuff.

Weight loss motivation is the missing element and, most overweight people know this in their hearts.

Families and loved ones sometimes try to 'motivate' by yelling or making remarks but, that usually has the opposite effect. 

And yet, even though an overweight person will tell you that having family or spouses yell at them does not work, what do they do to themselves?  Typically a fat person criticizes themselves worse than anyone else ever could.

You could call that "anti-weight loss motivation" couldn't you? 

You know what else a weight loss program, diet pill or even hoodia can't do for you?  They can't remove whatever is blocking you from feeling that you truly deserve a healthy (attractive) body shape and weight.

Speaking of ineffective weight loss products, there is one I find totally fascinating:  The weight loss patch.   You call that weight loss help?  I am gobsmacked that weight loss patches sell so well! 

Cigarette patches have pretty much been a huge failure (for the consumer--not the manufacturers), so who the hell would imagine that diet weight loss patches would sell?  Hmm...anyone want to buy a pet rock?

I know why diet patches sell so well:  They are now being advertised as the answer for no effort, rapid weight loss.  Rapid weight loss, huh?  Did someone's reality check bounce?  The only way to have rapid weight loss is to have liposuction (a last resort idea).

Wearing a weight loss patch to lose weight is just like thinking that if you wore a hamburger on your thigh you'd gain weight in that area!

Look at the below picture of a person wearing a diet patch and tell me what's wrong with it:

Weight loss lies

Right.  She's not overweight.  Quite likely never has been.   The implied message is that: "If you wear our rip-off patch you're butt will look like this."  And then men, (like the dogs we are), will start sniffing....(crude, but I want your attention for what I'm about to say...)

Interestingly, many of my weight loss clients gained lots of weight because unconsciously they wanted to protect themselves...especially from sexual advances.  (If you're quietly saying yes or shaking your head in agreement with what I've said, then throw out all your diet books and products because they'll never work until you work on other issues.)

So....here's the problem.  A person wants to lose weight because one part of them thinks and sort of feels that they really should to lose weight while another part feels utterly and completely against the idea of becoming skinny because it's too scary. 

A deep part of you can be against being skinny for many emotional reasons including fear of sex, fear of being hurt by someone else (again), fear of hurting ourselves (again) by failing yet again and the list goes on.

Other articles on this site cover the emotional side of weight gain much more in depth.

But, before we move onto those deep causes (and cures for obesity), please let me say a quick word about websites that promote "un-biased reviews of weight loss products".   Most of them are utterly, totally full of sh...shaving cream.

You know they are when they are making affiliate bucks from each product they review (without any bias--right).  You also know these sites are very likely not to be trusted because they have paid to be in a top listing on a search engine and they have to make their money back.   Just watch your wallets.

Okay.  The first Real Weight Loss Article I'd like to suggest you read is about how hypnosis really can help you get rid of the weight for good.

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