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"Words DO Carry Weight!"

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Frequently asked questions about hypnosis and weight loss.

Does this stuff (hypnosis) really work for weight loss?

Will a hypnosis CD work for me? 

Will I gain the weight back?


"I have tried every diet and bought every 'miracle machine' and I'm still fat.  I want to believe that hypnosis will work but...I don't.  I just have this strong feeling inside that this will fail too."

Those are words from a wounded heart.  I have heard them from probably 95% of all my weight loss clients and I hear them in every Hypnosis for Weight Loss class I teach.

So, the first and most frequently asked question is: Does this stuff (hypnosis) really work for weight loss?

Absolutely yes.

However, listen carefully, if any son-of-a-~!@# tries to sell you a "Hypno-Magic Wand" solution, grab your wallet and run.

All they are doing is appealing to most people's laziness by offering quick, easy answers.

Have I seen people lose weight quickly because of hypnosis?  Heck yeah.  Pretty amazing to tell you the truth.

But always! look for these words somewhere near the miracle answer testimonial: "Results not typical.  Individual results may vary."  May vary?  No, not may, statistically they must and this leads me to my next point.... 

Here's the big problem: A lot of people want someone to sell them an answer that is 'fast and friendly' (= immediate results with no effort).

Here's the bigger problem: A lot of people are willing to sell you what you want.  Hey, it doesn't have to work!  It just has to be what you want.

If you really, really wanted to lose weight I promise you that you would not have to buy another weight loss gadget or diet pill.  You would allow yourself to go into trance and make the necessary changes and you would change.

Please hear me clearly: Sometimes the necessary changes mean struggling with painful issues and resolving them.  Sometimes the necessary changes simply mean being able to hypnotically convince yourself that saying no a little more often is easy to do. 

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So the next question a lot of people ask is will a hypnosis CD work for me? 

Based on what was mentioned a few moments ago, a self-hypnosis CD may or may not help.  But trying a CD is much easier  than restrictive diets and less expensive than sci-fi, freakish looking exercise machines.

Also, if the CD doesn't work then you can bet there is probably a bit more to the weight gain than meets the eye.  At least you have avoided the guilt of buying the latest, really expensive answer and then 'failing' and feeling worse.

Here's the straight dope: A hypnosis weight loss CD program will probably work wonders for about 3 out of every 10 people that buy them. 

Sometimes a combination approach is necessary too.  Maybe you've got a lot of stress in your life and you have an overweight issue to deal with.  Maybe you need to feel more confident that you really can do it. 

The next 'biggest' question that people are often afraid to ask is: "Will I gain the weight back?"

How much does it hurt to watch and feel all that extra weight disappear only to see it come back later...along with more? 

That's at the heart of the fear in that last question--the fear of failure.  This fear is created by the hidden question in the above question:  "Can hypnosis guarantee I'll never gain the weight back?"

Again, an unscrupulous marketer will give you the answer you want.  Their product probably won't deliver but that's good for them because after you feel more guilty at failing again, they will sell you a (useless) answer to that problem.

So, let me give you an honest answer: Hypnosis (the power of your mind), like anything else in the world, only works as much as you work it.  Please avoid thinking that if you listen to a CD once you're going to be 'cured'.  That is simply not true. 

The more common truth is that it takes commitment and repetition because you are changing your deep thinking.  That's the key.

Yes, there is the occasional person who will respond like magic and that's wonderful.  Makes for a great testimonial too.  And, to be truthful, it is possible it can happen to you too but!! be aware that it probably won't happen after just one listening. 

This doesn't mean change never will happen.  It just means it might take you a bit more effort.

Hey, think about it.  Which takes more effort?  Being miserable or being happy?  Being miserable and overweight of course.  However, being unhappy is more familiar and therefore feels easier but, it's not.  It's soul crushing. 

Speaking of soul crushing, if you think you are depressed, please understand two things: (1) There is an answer--click here.  (2) Address the depression first before even thinking about losing weight.

Make the effort today---now, to get on track with your inner power.  Don't let the bastards get you down.  You do have choices you know.

You can do it. 

Warmest Regards,

Devin Hastings

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