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Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

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"Words DO Carry Weight!"

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Tips and Hints On How To Begin Losing Weight Here and Now.

By C. Devin Hastings, Hypnotist 

Learning Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss is easy because everyone goes in and out of trance every day. When we watch a movie or read a really good book our imagination becomes so absorbed that what is being viewed or read is, in a very real way, real.  Remember the last time you jumped, laughed or cried watching a movie or reading a really good book?

Then there's the phenomenon of 'highway hypnosis'. This is where somehow you manage to safely get from point A to point B with no memory. Or perhaps you miss an exit. In either case your subconscious was keeping you safe while your conscious mind was busy doing 'stuff'. Like what? Like thinking about an upcoming meeting or fight or a past meeting or fight. Or perhaps thinking about a vacation.

The point is this: You can learn to use hypnosis because you already know how. Now, you are learning to use it in a way that serves your happiness, health and well-being. (If you want to learn more about hypnosis, please read Hypnosis FAQs).

Simple Self-Hypnosis Steps

Get comfortable. Take a few belly breaths. Tell yourself you give yourself permission to go into a relaxing state of mind. Let your mind drift to a safe, calm place. Now, you are going to count backwards from 5 down to 1 and repeat in your mind the following:

5, I give myself permission to feel sensations of relaxation in my eyelid muscles now.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence.

4, Somehow, I am becoming aware of relaxation in my eye lid muscles.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence.

3, Somehow, the relaxation in my eyelid muscles is increasing and feels good.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence. Please notice any growing sensations of eyelid sleepiness.

2, My eyelid muscles are almost as relaxed as they can be right now.

Then close your eyes and open them and read next sentence. Please notice more growing sensations of eyelid sleepiness.

1, My eyelid muscles are feeling as relaxed as they can be in about 30 seconds.

Then close your eyes and open them noticing the relaxation and read next sentence.

I now allow myself to enter a calm state of mind called hypnosis.

Close eyes letting them relax completely and imagine the door to your subconscious opening only for good suggestions.

Excellent Self-Hypnosis Suggestions:

(ONLY use one self-hypnosis suggestion per session.)

1) Somehow, in some way, I am getting better and better every day.

2) I am learning to make better choices that make me happier and healthier.

3) With every breath, I am going deeper into healing trance.

4) In some healthy way, I am releasing pain from the past.

5) Somehow, in some healthy way, I am releasing the extra weight.

Now, you can use this session by printing it out and reading it every day, 3 times a day. Remember, your goal is to change your inner self-talk so, repetition is an absolute must.

You may be very skeptical at this point. Please allow me to respectfully remind you that your feelings are a direct result of your thoughts and that the power of self-hypnosis is very well documented. So, bear in mind that your goal is to change your thoughts/feelings and that it can be done is a well documented phenomenon. If you want to see a list of documented medical uses of hypnosis, please click here.

And besides, learning any new skill takes time and involves a certain amount of uncertainty. Stick with it. You can change your world one thought at a time.

Making Your Own Self-Hypnosis Recordings

"Stand guard at the gate of your mind."

Never has this been more important than now. We receive so much negative information on a daily basis that we are becoming emotionally polluted. How many people say they eat because they're stressed? Holy Cow, with terrorism, car accidents, winter storms, summer storms, not enough storms and all the other things that the so-called 'News' like to tell us about, it is no wonder that we need something like a big, yummy dish of ice cream to make us feel good.

So, protect your mind by guarding what you put into it and you will find yourself much more in control of what you put into your mouth.

Here's another way to use the above 5,4,3,2,1 script: Play some soothing music in the background and record yourself reading the script with one of the suggestions at the end.

It takes very little time to listen so, again, 3 times a day.

Here's another way to make your own recordings: With your tape deck recording, play soothing music in background (and turn off your cell phone!) and start at the number 50. Count backwards and after each number repeat one of the suggestions offered earlier. Use the same suggestion for the entire count. When you listen to your tape close your eyes and just let the suggestion become a part of your thinking rather than apart from your thinking.

I want to thank you for reading this far. Because you have invested this much time and effort, it means that you really are dedicated to improving your life. Never give up and you will succeed. There are plenty of books out there for self-hypnosis so I encourage you to get a few and use their material for making your own recordings. Lots of them have nice scripts that can be quite good.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and I will do my best to help.


"Speak gently to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."

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