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How To Change Your Inner Emotional State


Tips and Hints On How To Begin Losing Weight Here and Now.


By C. Devin Hastings, Hypnotist


Please remember the following:

1) Hypnosis (self-hypnosis) is your ability to convince yourself of any belief.

2) Hypnosis (self-hypnosis) is the focusing of the mind (and heart) on one dominant thought or feeling to the exclusion of all others.

With the above definitions in mind, think therefore about how stress, depression, guilt, shame, resentment and even (certain types of) pain can be understood as by-products of hypnotizing oneself or, allowing oneself to focus exclusively on certain things that make us feel bad. (Please note that there in certain fairly rare cases a person's emotional make-up is determined by their biology and, in those cases, medications are absolutely the answer.)

Think of it this way: You have in your hands two photo albums. One is full of interesting, empowering and enjoyable pictures of your past, present and future. The other photo album is full of depressing and victimizing pictures of your past, present and future. (The latter I used to spend a lot of time looking at...)

Whichever one you focus on with your deep mind, on a daily basis is going to determine your emotional state.

By the way, I am taking into account those of you who have had really hard times and who may even be saying "The only inner photo album I have is the painful one". In my way, I understand. I had a step-father who tried to kill me. That's why I became homeless. Living in the woods and in a broken down old car was safer than living at home. And, for many years I stayed depressed, resentful, etc...because I hadn't learned that there are many, many people whose lives were really terrible and yet, somehow they were happy and successful in many ways because they made a deliberate choice as to which 'inner photo album' they were going to focus on.

The real challenge is that after a while many of us lose the ability to even know how to look at the 'good' inner photo album. In other words, feeling 'normal' simply is not conceivable.

Please take my experience both personal and professional that you can find an inner photo album that is inspiring. And, you can learn to focus your soul's eye on that one.

5 Steps To Changing Your Inner Emotional State

The first step is willingness.

(1) You have to be willing to let go of the way things are in order to have them the way you want them to be.

(2) You have to be willing to make as much of an effort to feeling better as you have toward feeling bad. And no, feeling bad is not easier nor is it natural. It may be conditioned but it still takes a whole lot of effort to feel like crap.

(3) You have to be willing to believe that it is more normal to focus on and experience, good feelings rather than bad feelings. And, this even means ignoring the feeling that 'it doesn't feel right' so that you focus on thoughts and feelings that may be new or different to you.

The second step is to make a 'Success Score Card'. This is a list of everything you have: (a) Learned (b) Achieved and (c) Overcome. Get friends (family only if you get along really well) to help you because it is often alien for a person to think of themselves being successful; especially in the three ways just defined.

(Caveat: This can be really difficult for some people to do. First time I tried it I came away thinking I was a bigger loser than I suspected because I couldn't think of anything to put on the list. However, persistence paid off and that inner voice soon realized that actually I was not the loser-victim I believed. What a difference that made. It opened up a lot of inner power for change.)

There are two major purposes to your Success Score Card. The first is that you can begin effectively challenging and eventually changing the inner voice which talks so negatively. You can challenge and change the harmful self-talk with true statements. The second major purpose to your S.S.C. is that whenever a challenging situation comes up you can honestly say to yourself something like: "I can handle it because....(S.S.C. list)".

Carry your S.S.C. with you everywhere! and be sure to read it often and update it often---even the little things help because the whole purpose is to honestly change your inner harmful thinking into helpful thinking.

The third step is to have visual reminders all around you to make you think of your Success Score Card. This is because there are often 1001 post-hypnotic reminders around us reminding us why we should feel bad (Negative Inner Score Card). For example, the unused exercise bike, the too-small clothes hanging in the closet, the dishes in the sink, the unpaid bills, etc....It is crucial that you charge your inner emotional battery with your S.S.C. in order to be able to more effectively deal with Life and its many issues.

The fourth step is to have the clearest possible idea of what you would be like if you were (a) More resourceful (and possibly happier) and (b) Thinner.

This idea of you being more resourceful and thinner must be at least as clear to your imagination as was your old picture of you as depressed, unhappy, heavy, etc...

By the way, you really, really want to think of yourself as a resourceful person because resourceful people can think outside of any problem box (emotional and otherwise). A resourceful person is resilient and resilient people are much happier than rigid people because rigid people think the world should and must be a certain way and if it isn't, then it's time to be unhappy. Resilient people always have empowering answers to Life's challenges (read: painful situations). Rigid people always answer Life's challenges as a victim.

The fifth step to change your inner thinking to thinner thinking is to be persistent. I mean really, really persistent. Look, either way we're being persistent. We're either pursuing happiness or unhappiness. Which one is it going to be? Be resilient. Think outside of your box.

You can hypnotize yourself for all of the above. On the next page I am going to give you exact instructions.

By the way, do you remember the 3rd main reason for being overweight? Lack of activity (also known to the guilt-ridden as 'exercise'). Once you begin to accomplish the above 5 steps being more active is a natural by-product. You don't even need to think about it because you will have more energy (emotionally and physically) and therefore you will naturally be more active.

Now, onto how to hypnotize yourself and program your mind and heart for releasing pain and feeling better and ultimately becoming thinner.

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