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The below link is NOT an affiliate link.  Buzzle.com is a cool website to visit.

 Buzzle Web Portal

Hypnosis for Health Sites


Hypnosis/NLP School

Change your life while learning how to help other people change theirs!



A comprehensive website with a wealth of information on hypnosis and how it can give you the power of your mind to change your life for the better. 


Also covered is a tremendous amount of information about diabetes and how hypnosis can help.



Depression and obesity are deeply related.  For unique and powerful answers to depression, you definitely want to visit this site.  This website comes from the heart.


Accurate information is very important and this website has received HON (Health On the Net) certification which means that you are getting good, safe information.



Kevin is an internationally acclaimed and respected author and trainer in persuasion.  Without a doubt his site is worth visiting because of the wealth of free information and the great products you can get.



Ron is an amazing person in so many ways.  As a hypnotist who specializes in helping people with S.I.V. (self-inflicted violence) Ron is without equal.


As a stage hypnotist Ron is the funniest I have ever seen.  His shows are insanely funny. 


If you would like to find a hypnotist in your area, please either email me or click here for a list of hypnotists in the U.S. and around the world.

More Very Helpful Health Information Websites--click here



Unique and Very Useful  Information Websites



Excellent Nutrition Information Websites



This website is incredible!  ND tells you, in simple terms, what's good and bad about the foods you eat, and helps you select foods that best meet your dietary needs.


Here is some of what you're getting on this great website:


--Nutrition Glossary helping you to understand common nutritional terms.


--Free Nutrition Tools such as a BMI & Calories Burned Calculator.


--Nutrition Topics covering everything from food additives to The Secrets of Weight Loss.


--Fast Food Facts giving you nutrition facts about your favorite fast foods.


And more!



"Independent, honest news and commentary on health and medicine."


Mike Adams is wonderfully outspoken on many subjects and some may consider him "extra passionate" but no one can deny that he comes from the heart when it comes to your heart and health.


This website is definitely worth looking at because there is so much interesting information.



A great website for more health information.  Below is a couple of the helpful topics you can explore:


--Health Library:  Hand-picked health information from A to Z prevention & wellness, diseases & conditions, and alternative medicine plus medical dictionaries, an encyclopedia, journals, and more.


--Health Care: Information about physicians, dentists, public clinics, hospitals, long term care, nursing homes, health insurance, prescriptions, health fraud, Medicare, Medicaid, and medical privacy.


--Just For You:  Selected health topics organized for men and women, by age from kids to seniors, by race and ethnicity, and for parents, caregivers, health professionals, and others.



Whether you are managing a serious chronic condition or looking for ways to improve your overall health and well-being, lifeclinic.com is here to help. From expert tips to healthy recipes to health stations to unique charting and tracking tools, rely on lifeclinic.com to provide the solutions you need to take better care of yourself.


When you visit this site, be sure to click on the Nutrition/Fitness tab.  Loads of useful information.



Another website 'jam' packed with so much good information you almost don't know where to start!

Link Disclaimer                                     

Please Read: It is said that information is power.  This is not exactly true.  Good information is power.  There's a lot of so-called information out there on the internet so, the purpose of this page is to direct you to what appear to be credible sources of information.

So, although I am listing links to other sites, please note that unless clearly stated otherwise, I do not endorse or take responsibility for their contents, claims, or representations. 

Warning: Anyone can post their views on newsgroups and we have found that some of the information is dangerously incorrect. 

Therefore, whatever data you to choose to invest yourself in, please discuss it with your doctor before doing anything with it. 

Link Exchange Information

If you are interested in exchanging links please note the following:

1) This is NOT a products link page.  Therefore, only links to primarily informative websites will be considered. 

Informative websites does NOT mean sloppily put together sites whose sole purpose is to give very little information while pushing untested, probably useless and possibly unsafe products. 

Informative websites do not include rude, annoying, screaming in-your-face pop-up ads or looooong columns of how some product is the latest and greatest solution to humankind's problems.

Sorry to be so blunt but I've gotten so many requests from purveyors of crap that I might as well let them know up front that I have no interest in listing their garbage websites.

2) If you do have good information to offer my visitors, please send an email to: devin@weight-loss-answers.com.   Please note this email is not hyperlinked because of spam spiders. 

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4) If the link to my site is difficult to find (more than 2 clicks from the Home Page) then please do not bother requesting a link exchange. 

It's amazing how many sites have links pages that aren't even listed somewhere on their home page.  Buried links are not likely to be found by Google and certainly not by visitors. 

5) Thanks for getting this far.  Guess I haven't offended you and I truly do wish to make this site a quality information resource and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

C. Devin Hastings

"Speak well to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."

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