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If you decide to give my newsletter a try, I have two thank you gifts for you (and a little something extra).

First, is a fast, E-Z to read 23 page e-book by Veronica Lim. It's called 17 Things That Can Stop You Dead In Your Tracks from Creating Lifetime Wealth---(and what you can do about it!).

You do want this book because there's a lot of potentially life-changing and definitely eye-opening thoughts packed into her book.

Second, you're getting a 50% off coupon that you can use to get regularly priced products on my site that can help you change yours or someone else's life for the better. 

Please note that the 50% discount applies only to the single, most expensive product you order.


Also, do NOT order directly from the website.  Instead, send me an email of every item you wish to own and I will create a specially discounted purchase page for you. 

Remember, with holidays, birthdays and other special events, a self-hypnosis CD makes a great gift. You know this is true if you've ever experienced the peaceful, healing power of deep trance.

By the way, if you haven't experienced the intense pleasure of deep trance, why not invest a few dollars into yourself now and find out what you've been missing?

To redeem your coupon one time only please, simply forward to me the 'welcome to my newsletter' email with coupon. Let me know the products you want and I will create a special ordering webpage where you can go and securely pay for your items.

Saving 50% is a pretty exceptional discount so make sure to take advantage of the 1/2 off special. You might want to ask anyone you know if they want to save a butt-load of money on self-improvement products.

Now, before I finish this letter to you, let me talk about 'that little something extra' for you. You are invited to call or email me with any questions you may have. I mean this because I appreciate you're signing up for my newsletter.

At no charge I will spend 20 minutes with you and believe me, I will focus on what I can do for you. I say this because once I took someone up on their offer to call for a free coaching session. Holy cow, what a high pressure push. So, no sales here. Just service.

By the way, speaking of service, I am certain my little ezine will contribute to your life because it is not filled with bullsh~!@ or jammed with product pushes. Sure, every once in a while I'll let you know about a sale, new product or workshop but, the majority (about 99%) of my newsletter is all about information and ideas to help you have a happier, better life.

A good newsletter is important to me because I have signed up for so many and they turn out to be non-stop commercials. Annoying.

So, my commitment is to give you information--not hype. But remember, every once in a while I have to pay the bills so if I do recommend a product or workshop, please understand.

Again, thanks for letting me become a supportive influence in your life.

Warm Regards,


"Speak gently to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."