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Devin Hastings

(Recent photo--the apron makes me look fat but it's a lie!)


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Not only did I used to have a weight problem, but I was also 'heavy' in so many other ways.  Life used to be such a serious thing and laughter was something that only silly people did.  Hell, I was so depressed that if you had put a $1,000 bill in my hand and said: "It's yours if you can laugh spontaneously." I couldn't have done it.  My face might have made some horrible looking contortions but no laughter.

So, as part of my self-prescription for healing, I made a serious study of humour.  I know, it sounds goofy to seriously study humor but I really did have to apply myself to learn how to tell jokes and enjoy laughing

Also, I had to learn how to laugh at myself (gently and with love) because if I didn't do the job, then someone else would likely do it and then it would probably hurt.

I like this idea: Do you know why angels can fly?  Because they take themselves so lightly.

I have learned and am learning more and more everyday, to take myself and Life much more lightly.  Life is too brief to waste it on feeling like a victim which was a big problem I had to face and overcome. 

Therefore, my passion is springs from a desire to remain empowered.  The only way I can do that is to give away my empowerment---but not in the traditional way where one becomes disempowered and therefore victimized.

The way I give away my empowerment actually helps me to keep it.  This empowerment I speak of is Life Freedom or, freedom to choose in your life rather than have 'stuff' happen to you.  Having the freedom to choose your life actually makes you happy!

I sincerely believe that the more happiness I give away, the more I get.  Hey, if I'm deluded, it's a better delusion than depression.  However, if I'm right....and all I can say is that my life is getting better all the time.

Nooo, it's not that problems are disappearing.  Far from it.  However, as I get bigger than my problems, these former obstacles are now becoming  stepping-stones to where I want to be.

I once heard someone say this: "Peace is not the absence of conflict.  Peace is the presence of God."

To be truthful, I'm not sure who or what God is except that in my mind, God is a higher power that cares for you and me.  That's enough for me.

So, if I can somehow experience this caring force especially in the middle of problems, then I feel empowerment and peace.  A nice place to be.

Right.  I could talk all day about my philosophy of life but, this page is supposed to help you get to know me without boring you to tears.

If you want "official stuff" about me, please click on the below link titled: More About Devin.

By the way, in the picture above I am holding a hand-painted poem made for me by a dear friend.  I think you'll definitely enjoy it.  If you want to read it, please click on the Funny Poem link below More About Devin.

Hey, if you've been battling weight loss for a long, frustrating time, take heart.  You can do it.  Be patient and persistent and you will win!



More About Devin

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