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"Words DO Carry Weight!"

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So many people struggle with weight loss.  And despite all the answers available, more people than ever are overweight.  What is going on? 

Here's the straight talk: Weight gain for most people is an inner issue first and foremost.  Because of this, there is no diet or fad answer in the world that will help a person to lose weight until they absolutely address the inner weight first. 

In fact, the more a person attempts to lose weight via "the traditional way", the more wounded and heavy they are going to feel inside as frustration turns into helplessness and then quite possibly depression.

I, (Devin Hastings) used to be fat.  I had flabby man-breasts and a nice, big belly that I could put my hands around like a Buddha.  I also had terrible self-esteem and did not like myself.  (That's putting it nicely.)  This emotional make-up is very common in many of my weight loss clients.

Listen, if you have tried every diet and pill under the sun and none have worked, go easy on yourself.  You have been following the same path everyone else has but, if you notice, most everyone else trying to lose weight has not succeeded...in the long term.

The most common complaint from my clients is that they've lost weight only to 'find' it again and even more!

Also, if you are thinking to yourself that you just don't have "enough will-power" again, let me gently suggest you let go of that guilty weight because real, long-term weight loss has nothing to do with will-power.  See the article titled: Weight Loss--It's Not About Will-Power.

This website is loaded with information that will help you lose weight if you choose to follow the ideas suggested.  Of course I have products that can really make a difference but, you don't necessarily need them. 

In fact, I always tell my clients that before they throw more money at a problem, use the ideas and suggestions I give them first.  Give it some time.  Then they can decide whether or not they need additional 'stuff' to help them lose weight.

Why use the free information on this site to lose weight? 'Bottom' Line: I have been helping people for over 22 years to change their lives for the better and weight loss is the most common issue I have dealt with.  The articles on this site are a distillation of what I have learned that works.

Please be aware that I am sometimes a bit blunt (in a caring way) so, if you find some of my articles a bit strong it is because I have found that in many cases my clients have needed someone to be blunt but sincere to get them off their big 'butts' (reasons for not losing weight).

Travel around this site.  Digest the information in bite size pieces.  Above all else, start talking a bit nicer to yourself because talking crap to yourself only makes you heavier. 

You can start talking better to yourself because you have followed all the traditional advice to the best of your ability--the only problem is that the advice was wrong.  Look at how well it has not work for so many others. 

My point is, honestly ask yourself, how can you fault yourself (and talk garbage to yourself) when the advice you followed was deeply flawed? 

Let go of the guilt and start letting in some hope.  You really can get rid of the weight this time.

Please feel free to email or call me and I will do what I can to be of assistance. 

Don't worry, I don't 'sell' to people that contact me for help.  I care for them to the best of my ability and resources (time).  And, your privacy is absolutely respected and guaranteed.

One final note: It really is important that you consult with your doctor before making any changes to your current health practices. 

And remember: "Real weight loss is an inside job."

Warmest Regards,

Devin Hastings

PS, I have put more time than you can imagine into creating and building this website.  In fact, I think my eyeballs are glowing from staring at the monitor for so long.

My incredible wife has done a fantastic job proofreading this website but, because I made changes after she looked at it, I have a small favor to ask please.  If you spot a mistake, typo or something weird, would you please let me know so that I can make this a better quality site? 

Thanks so much for your help.